Emerging network transformation technologies in SDN, NFV and IoT domains typically involve integration of several products that affect the end solution outcome. Independent testing of the products and solutions in reference test environments is essential to objectively validate product functionality, performance, scale and security.

CNLabs offers several independent test programs that offer end customers much-needed proof points to evaluate products prior to development. The lab also offers independent test services for product vendors. Some of the independent test programs undertaken by the laboratory are listed below.

  • Interoperability Verification Testing of partner application integration for SDN controllers
  • Independent evaluation and identification of the right products for network operator solutions
  • Third-party test reports on product performance used by vendors to substantiate their offerings
  • Independent validation and interoperability tesing for 6LoWPAN based devices like Energy Meters
  • NFV validation program for network operators and product vendors

CNLabs works has exensive experience in working with different types of customers for all phases including program definition, test strategy, test plan creation and validation. Our lab is ISO 17025 accredited adhering to the stringent requirements for quality and technical competency of personnel, process, test methods. Our ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accreditation scope for SDN test methods is approved by NABL one of the world’s leading accreditation bodies.



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