Criterion Network Labs offers guided product certification test environments, customizable on-demand virtual labs and independent test programs like the NFV test framework on Criterion SDCloud.

Cloud based lab services from Criterion SDCloud can be used by product development teams to bring up cloud test-beds with a choice of configurations, host independent partner verification test programs, undertake product certifications, interoperability and scalability tests on a guided self-service platform.

  • Subscription based lab programs
  • Save time and costs – Quicker, scalable path to achieve product certifications
  • On-demand one-click test-beds for development and testing
  • NFV test program with programmable NFV Infrastructure
  • Virtual labs for interoperability and integration testing of partners/customer products
  • Secure – Deploy on-prem or on public cloud infrastructure
  • Reliable/Scalable/Supported with all class leading features of SDCloud

Explore our offerings. Write to us to request an account on SDCloud Labs.